5 Best Camping Locations in Europe

Best Camping Locations in Europe

If you have been camping for many years and thought you knew everything, after the first full-on camping trip in Europe, you will realize that taking your tent overseas is a totally different kettle of fish.

Are you still deciding where to go? What about summer tour that takes you from the Netherlands down into Switzerland, then onto Greece and backs up through Germany? If you have not saved enough money yet for such kind of a trip, we offer you to pass through five counties, drive more than 2,000 miles, stay at four campsites, and even spend two nights on the ferry for free!

There is no need to take a train to the top of the Alps to see the most majestic spot! Here is what PaperCheap experts for. We will show you the beauty of this planet, so you know for sure where to go camping next summer.

Best Camping Locations

Camping Essentials to Remember

Whether you prefer to pitch a tent or rent an RV for camping, the next tips and tricks are like an instruction manual, it has to be read before taking a Europe trip.

1. Plan Your Route

We suppose it is the type of the point which does not require any explanations but does have to be reminded. What to know: how long your drive will take, which route you may want to avoid, and where you might make overnight stops. Check and plan all the details, so you do not get any unpleasant surprises on the route.

2. Set up a Camping Site Before Dark

In conditions of limited visibility, you can install the tent in the wrong place. Waking up in the morning, you would not want to find that the tent is on an anthill or under a beehive.

3. Choose Your Sleeping Bag According to the Season

A light summer sleeping bag is perfect for relaxing at the campsite during the warm months, while for winter, you will need a special well-insulated sleeping bag. Explore in advance the climatic conditions of the location, it will help to make the right choice.

4. Grab the Necessary Stock of Provisions

Even if you are going to cook delicious dishes at stake, it is better to provide yourself and your family with a minimum supply of food, preferably the one that is easy to prepare. In other words, it is better to take a couple of packs of quick-cooked cereal than a full barrel of cereal.

5. Do not Leave Your Trash!

Take and throw away all the rubbish and waste in a specially designated place – save nature for future generations.

6. Avoid Contact with Wildlife

Annoying mosquitoes and various bugs, bees, wasps, and sometimes even hungry bears in search of food can ruin any vacation. Stock up on all the necessary insect repellents in advance, as well as get a pepper spray that will protect you from wild animals.

7. Choose the Right Clothing

Do not treat the rest at the campsite as a romantic outing. Practicality, practicality, and again practicality – this is what you should be guided by when choosing clothes. Also, it is worth taking an extra set of warm clothes in case of unexpectedly cold nights or if your clothing gets wet in the rain.

Now, you are ready to set up a tent, even in the most unexpected places. And here they are.

5 Best Campsites in Europe: from Romania to France

What do we mean by “camping”? Is it a vacation outside the industrial center? Is it the minimum benefits of civilization? Or is it traveling with a tent and cooking at stake? More often, camping means a specially equipped area where you can put a car and pitch a tent. This type of vacation is much cheaper than renting a room in a hotel or a bed in a hostel, and what’s more importantly, sometimes camping is just the best way to feel an absolute unity with nature. So, catch a list of fantastic campsites in Europe to enjoy the city for a modest price.

1. Fannefjord, Norway


Norwegian nature is a unique combination of breathtaking landscapes and diverse wildlife. Here tourists prefer to go outdoors to inhale the Norwegian air and admire the local beauties. To do this, the local government has organized a site for camping – “Quiltorp”, which is not so far from the town of Molde. For your comfort, there is everything you might need – amenities, electricity, a small shop, even the wireless Internet, and television. Do not want to live in a tent? Then there is an alternative – rent a small log cabin near the village of Bud.

2. Bavaria, Germany

Bavaria is famous not only for delicious beer and boozy festivals. Ecotourism and the getaway from civilization are a big hit in this area. Near Füssen, they built a Hopfense campsite that is open to tourists all year round. You have the opportunity to rent a tent or a small house to take a drive along a beautiful landscape. Then, take a walk to the Upper Castle or to the local museum, go for a barbecue, and steam in the sauna. What do you think of that plan?

3. Kölsviken, Sweden

Kölsviken Sweden

The Swedes are open to travel and encourage hiking in every possible way, so camping is flourishing here. In the Skuleskugen National Park on the High Bank, a recreation area was organized right in the bay. It is really just a site with tents, but this place can boast running water, electricity, and fireplace areas. In such a majestic location, you can spend wonderful evenings at a fire, observing the starry sky, and enjoy natural beauty in the daytime.

4. Finnish Coast, Finland

Do you like Finnish bath and rafting down a mountain river? Have you ever dreamed of climbing a magnificent lighthouse? If you answered “Yes”, then camping in Finland will suit you perfectly. The Finnish Coast is distinguished by its unique beauty and grandeur. Surrounded by a lot of routes for cycling and hiking, the national park is a place you will never want to leave.

5. Vila Nova de Milfontes, Portugal

Vila Nova de Milfontes

There is another type of camping – the sports one. And that is not strolls along forest trails and mountain bikes. We are talking about surfing, the risky and crazy type of camping. On the beach of Praia da Francia, in addition to an excellent surfing school, there is a campsite. In the shade of vineyards and orchards, you can settle in under the Portuguese sun. To feel authenticity, rent a small tipi instead of a tent, and, after surfing, take a walk in the local village in the evening. After such a vacation, you will be fraught with emotion.

These camping sites are truly amazing and well deserve a visit. However, we could not help but mention a few more locations for an acid traveler. You better get a notebook.

The United Kingdom: Lake District (this place has many stunning locations); coastal village Doolin, Brecon Beacons National Park, and Hillend Campsite (Swansea) are the best that Wales can offer.

France: the stunning little town of Saint Marie de la Mer boasts a Mediterranean Lagoon, amazing fortified church, and ideal environment for camping; Le Val de Cantabria in Aveyron is something a true camp lover can’t miss.

Let’s finish up with something crazy, for example, Estonia, where you can camp in an abandoned Russian nuclear missile base full of hidden Cold War relics.

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