10 Best GPS For Hiking in 2021

Hiking, Geocaching, and Orienteering are becoming some of the most popular outdoor activities today.

Getting out into the wild and being able to find your way around like Daniel Boone or Davy Crockett has been skills that were only practiced by rangers and specially trained service personnel. However, today, with a portable GPS unit you can go out into the middle of nowhere and find your way back with ease. This makes for exciting jaunts out into the wild for fun, excitement, and profit.

Treasure hunting for lost mines and finding gold is now becoming not only doable but also easy. You can go camping, hunting, and just get away from it all and commune with nature. You get all this and much more by having one of these 10 best GPS units for hiking and exploring available in the Cloud today.

We are going to highlight them and then you can choose the one that fits your needs whether you are a hiker, outdoorsman, and geocacher as well. You can become self-reliant, enjoy the outdoors, and see more of this great country than you ever thought possible.

See America with the same eyes and navigating skills of the great pioneers, and frontiersmen of the past.

1. Garmin Montana 680t

Garmin Montana 680tDo you rely on a GPS device for finding your way while hiking?

If yes, this one is undoubtedly a good choice for the same. It consists of high sensitivity GPS technology, which allows you to find the hiking trail quite easily. In addition to that, the hotfix prediction makes it even more accurate. It also offers GLONASS support.

The best thing about this GPS device is that it provides you with waypoints, tracklogs, routes, and so on. As a result, navigation is easier than ever.

The 8-megapixel digital camera allows you to capture images. The images are geotagged with coordinates. As a result, navigating using this GPS device is easier than ever.

The 250,000 preloaded trails and routes make it easy for you to embark on your next hiking trip using this device. The Highly responsive touchscreen display of 4 inches helps you in handling the device efficiently. There is no reason you shouldn’t go with this GPS device with all these features on offer.

  • Consist of numerous inbuilt trails.
  • 8-megapixel camera.
  • Responsive touchscreen.
  • Highly accurate.
  • 4-inch display.
  • Has a learning curve.


If you’re looking for the best GPS devices with quite a few inbuilt trails, this one will not disappoint you. In addition to that, the easy to operate design is another reason why you should go for it. All said and done; it is one of the best GPS for hiking.

2. Bad Elf 2200 GPS Pro

Bad Elf 2200 GPS ProThe USP of this GPS device is that you can connect it with five different devices using Bluetooth connectivity. It is compatible with iOS devices as well.

The large LCD screen ensures that you can view the readings easily. It is backlit, which means that using it during the night is easy.

With the capacity to store over 100 hours of tracking data, the more you use it, the more accurate it becomes.

The IPX 4 rating means that it is splashproof. It also speaks volumes regarding the durability of the device.

The battery life of 35 hours means that you will not have to worry about charging it again.

The design of the GPS device is such that it can easily fit into your palm. The dimensions are 3” x 2.5” x 0.7”. It comes along with the neck lanyard, which makes it easy for you to use it securely.

Thus, if you’re looking for the best hiking GPS, which you can synchronize with other devices, this one is a great option.

  • Bluetooth connectivity on offer.
  • Backlit display.
  • Highly portable.
  • Excellent battery life.
  • Limited instructions.


If portability and compact design mean much to you, this is the best handheld GPS device that you can find. Despite the compact design, it is highly useful. The data logging feature means that every time you use it, it becomes even more functional. Due to all of these reasons, it is undoubtedly a GPS device that stands out.

3. Garmin 010-01772-00 Foretrex 601

Garmin 010-01772-00 Foretrex 601How about a GPS device built up to military standards?

Yes, you read that, right!

The Garmin 010-01772-00 Foretrex 601 conforms to the military standards. Also, it is compatible with night-vision goggles, which means that it is not going to be a problem during the night. These features alone make it probably the best GPS for hiking.

But, Wait, There’s more!

It is compatible with GPS, Galileo, and GLONASS systems. That is why the data it provides is pretty accurate.

It consists of various sensors like accelerometer, compass, altimeter. As a result, you can get a lot of information about your surroundings. You can set it up to send you emails, texts, and other alerts.

In the navigation mode, the battery can last for 48 hours. There are other modes in which the battery can last for up to 1 month. In total, you get to choose between 3 different modes.

With the help of a detailed manual, the learning curve is pretty limited. The rugged construction is one of the primary reasons why you should go for it.

  • Three operating modes.
  • Highly durable.
  • Accurate data on offer.
  • Consist of various sensors.
  • Button design can be better.


Well, there is nothing to complain about this GPS device. The highly durable construction, along with multiple sensors, certainly helps it stand out when looking for the best handheld GPS devices.

4. Garmin eTrex 30x, Handheld GPS Navigator

Garmin eTrex 30xThe USP of this GPS device is that it comes along with a 2.2-inch readable display. Also, it has a 65K color, which means that reading it during the sunlight is not a problem. The resolution is 240 x 320 pixels.

With the help of 3.7 GB internal memory and a microSD card slot, you can store quite a few maps in it. It is compatible with various navigating apps as well.

Additionally, the preloaded basemap ensures that you can cover most of the hiking trails quite easily. A large number of inbuilt routes helps it compete with the best GPS for hiking.

It consists of a 3-axis compass, which means that you can get accurate data always.

You can easily share tracks, routes as well as waypoints using the wireless sharing feature. It also alerts you to the barometric pressure as you go higher. It means that you will have complete awareness about your surroundings. Also, it offers GLONASS data, which makes it suitable for global use.

The excellent display quality, as well as the three-axis compass and large memory capacity, help it stand out.

  • 2.2-inch display.
  • Readable under sunlight.
  • Large storage space.
  • Three-axis compass.
  • Has a learning curve.


The USP of this GPS device is the storage space that it provides. In addition to that, the accuracy makes it one of the best GPS for hiking.

5. Garmin 750T 3-Inch Touchscreen Handheld GPS

Garmin 750T 3-Inch Touchscreen Handheld GPSAre you looking for a bigger screen?

If yes, this GPS device comes with a 3-inch screen. Also, the touchscreen is pretty responsive, which means that using it is not going to be a problem. You can read it under sunlight.

Moreover, The three-axis tilt-compensated compass means that you always get accurate data in a jiffy. The device has an in-built accelerometer and barometer. As a result, getting additional data is not a problem.

The rugged design means that it can handle dirt, humidity, dust. It has an IPX 7 rating, which means that it is waterproof.

The 8-megapixel autofocus camera allows you to take pictures and tag them quite easily.

Also, it is compatible with various apps, ensuring that you can customize it according to your requirement. The customization which it offers, as well as the larger display certainly makes it a good choice.

  • 3-inch display.
  • Compatible with various apps.
  • Consists of 3-axis electronic compass.
  • Heavy-duty construction.
  • Limited instructions.


For many hikers, one of the primary requirements is that the display should be comparatively larger. If your requirement is the same, this one is undoubtedly a good choice. With the help of various sensors, you can be sure that it will not disappoint you.

6. Garmin GPSMAP 64ST Handheld GPS

Garmin GPSHikers now travel the world and go so far afield there are often no maps to guide them. That’s all change with Garmin’s GPSMAP. You have a small handheld unit that fits into your kit and with unerring precision pinpoints your and shows the terrain around you. This means you can find your way even in the toughest terrain imaginable.

What’s more, it shows important features such as survival caches and ranger stations so if the need arises you can find shelter and a means to communicate if you have the need. Rugged and made for adventure and can even handle a dunking.

You have a detailed screen that is easy to read and built-in to the unit is a world mapping system. You also have a highly sensitive quad-helix antenna so you’ll never lose your way even in downtown Calcutta.

7. Garmin Foretrex 401 Waterproof Hiking GPS

Garmin Foretrex 401 Waterproof Hiking GPSEven if you are in the deep canyons around Red Rock near the infamous Area 51, you’ll always be able to find your way back to the highway and your vehicle. The scorching heat of the region makes it imperative that you know exactly where you are at all times to ensure you can reach your car and water or other supplies.

That’s where Garmin comes to the rescue with a wearable piece of Tech that has everything you need to survive in the wild with a compass, GPS, Altimeter as well as a trip computer.

So, now you know where you are to the exact point that you want to be at. For Orienteering as well as survival, this is all-important. If you are a hike, you ensure you reach your destination and pace yourself, accordingly to make sure you do not exhaust yourself.

Because, if you are hiking in the western states of the US, exhaustion can cause Heat Stroke or Exhaustion which can turn your hike into a tragedy. Now you can hike safely and within your capabilities with ease and Garmin shows you the way.

8. Magellan SporTrak Pro Waterproof Hiking GPS

Magellan SporTrak Pro Waterproof Hiking GPSThe Magellan system is made up of a series of geostationary satellites that aid in navigation to within a few meters. Now you can tap into this system with a 12-channel GPS unit that gets your position to within 3 meters. This unit is filled with the maps and of the US including roads, rivers, and other topological features that help you find your way anywhere inside the continental boundaries of the country.

Not only that you can load have additional maps that even further enhance your ability to navigate the area you are interested in. With this GPS unit, you have an easy to read screen and you can use its keypad to call up the many other features it puts at your disposal.

Build for the adventure, hiker, and treasure seeker. You can explore your world for fun, excitement, and perhaps discover “The Lost Dutchman” mine or other missing treasure still to be found in America. The unit is waterproof and if you drop it, the SportTrak Pro is tough and will keep on finding telling you where you are day or night.

9. TomTom Adventurer GPS Outdoor Watch

TomTom Adventurer GPS Outdoor WatchHere is something that no hiker, runner, and explorer can do without. A wrist-wearable GPS that lets you run or hike listening to your favorite tunes to help you pace yourself and keep your spirits up. You get into the zone faster and you can reach your peak potential while you are outdoors. You have your route, know where you are, and you reach your goals. And you can even watch your heart rate as well.

This way you stay in the healthy band for your age and physical limitations. When it’s all said and done you are now better able to reach your health and fitness goals along with improving your cardiovascular health at the same time.

In addition, you will always know where you are, where you are going, and where you are.

You will also be on your way to perfect health as well.

10. Garmin eTrex 10 Worldwide Handheld GPS Navigator

Garmin eTrex 10 Worldwide Handheld GPS NavigatorAn economical GPS unit that still has all the amenities you want. Built-in mapping that is WAAS-enabled and you have 20 hours of continuous operation from a pair of double-A batteries. Your monochrome screen lets you see the terrain around you so you can plan your route with care. You can get from point A to B easily and always know where you are no matter if you can see the sky or not.

You no longer have to use a compass and map. It is all done for you inside a brightly colored unit that makes it easy to find even in a darkened tent. What’s more, it is designed to integrate with Garmin’s other products and combined together you have the best in all terrain and weather navigation available and an affordable price.

Final thoughts

Being able to move through the wilderness just like your hometown is now easy and simple to do. You can hike, run, and see America in a way you never thought possible. You know where you are at all times and you can know where you are going and how far you have to travel.

This is all possible with the power of GPS that you wear on your wrist or held in the palm of your hand. Today, you have seen 10 of the best and now you can get the one that is ideally suited to your outdoor activities. You might just want to jog around the park or town and find your way home. Keep track of your miles traveled or even head out to the open expanses of the great Southwest where mystery and adventure are still possible.

It now rests you your hands to what you do next. Sit at home Net Surfing or getting out and breathe fresh air and see what the outdoors and nature offer.

So, what are you waiting for? Click and start doing, instead of just sitting. GPS lets you do it with style, Amazon brings it to you quickly, and at a price, you can afford it. Remember, having the best GPS for hiking that you will never get lost. It is really important to hikers. Don’t ignore that.

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