Best Kitchen Faucets of 2021

Best Kitchen Faucet

The kitchen is the most important part of our home. There are a few items that are essential to the kitchen. However, a faucet is one of them. If you are applying the best and quality one then it Will give a designer look. Some faucets are basically offering a standard 21st-century design or some extremely modern with squared edges. There are so many Kitchen Faucets, but the best kitchen faucets are what you should be looking for to add that extra piece to your kitchen puzzle. If you are doing renovations or upgrading your kitchen, it’s worth applying the best kitchen faucets to your home.

Best Faucet For Kitchen​Buy a new faucet is better than repairing your old one. Because time to time faucets are developed with the technology and adding extra performance. So remember quality is very important. A faucet is not a cheap investment, so constant repairs or replacements are not worth it. The best kitchen faucets don’t mean only their better look. It also needs to be high functionality.

Most of the people didn’t consider how these important and get value for their investment. Your faucet is used every day while you are preparing meals or cleaning the dishes and other things. It makes a difference when using a standard faucet compared to your best faucet, usually putting a smile on most design enthusiasts.​

Best Kitchen Faucets in 2021

1. Kraus KPF-1602SS Single Handle Pull-Down Faucet

Kraus KPF-1602SS Single Handle Pull Down Kitchen FaucetThe Kraus pull-down faucet offers a modern look with impressive functionality. This faucet is made with quality materials to ensure it lasts long. This is accomplished by the Lead-free brass construction, finished with a rust-resistant coat. The faucet is quite ergonomic with the lite touch lever flow control. This allows you to control water flow while controlling where the water goes. The spring which covers most of the faucet is made from heavy-duty commercial materials. This ensures that the resistance of the spring never weakens. This faucet is not only stylish but also very functional. The integrated two-way diverter allows for smooth flow control, essential for different preparation tasks. In addition to the diverter, a pre-rinse spray function is available delivering a powerful burst of water. The inside of the faucet is just as important as the outside.

Tested With 500,000 uses​

The manufacturers recognize this by using top-quality components. The Kerox ceramic cartridge used is one of the best in the industry. It is tested with 500,000 uses to ensure long-lasting drip-free use. The high-performance Neoperl aerator allows for low flow and is used to reduce water waste without comprising the pressure of the faucet. Remember the ergonomic design of the faucet, rubber is also used to prevent hard water and limescale from building up. This helps to keep the faucet clean and sparkling at all times. When you’re not cleaning the detachable sprayer nozzle, it can be used to reach the hard spots in the sink.

When the lever is depressed, water is diverted from the main spout to the sprayer nozzle at an impressive 1.8 GPM flow rate. The faucet is fitted with an open-coil swivel spring to allow 360-degree movement and flexibility. This spring reverts the faucet back to the original position after each use preserving the aesthetic look.

Easy To Install

Kraus KPF-1602SS​​One of the most convenient features of this faucet is the easy installation. The single-hole mounting allows you to easily install the faucet in any kitchen. Mounting hardware is also included to make the process even easier. It measures at a height of 30″ and the faucet hole size requirement is 1.375″. It weighs 10.3 pounds and comes in a stainless steel or brass finish. A limited lifetime warranty is included, just in case, something goes wrong on the manufacturer’s side. Kraus has taken user reviews into consideration and it shows in this product.

Best Fit for Both Home & Commercial

​​The overall look and build make the product seem as if it is worth much more than the asking price. The sprayer is very satisfying to use, pushing out vast amounts of water with its tactile controls. They have improved quality and now deliver a solid product with little to be desired. However, this product is not perfect. With continuous hard use, the thin wall of brass makes the faucet can become brittle, some even reporting that it snapped. Overall this faucet delivers a clean and unique commercial look, while still having the ability to be used in the kitchen consistently.

  • Build Quality – The faucet is built with high-quality materials and has a solid structure. Every piece of the faucet has great build quality. The spring is a heavy-duty commercial spring meaning it won’t weaken or break from extended use. The inner components are also very strong which will prevent leaks. The overall build quality of the faucet is great, giving it a solid feeling and look.​
  • Ergonomic Design -​​ The ergonomic design of the faucet allows for easy use for a long period of time. The long faucet, spring, and hand lever give the intuitive design a very practical use. Kraus provides a design that most would not be able to live without, after getting used to the product.
  • No separate sprayer – Unlike most other faucets, the sprayer cannot be separated from the faucet. The faucet is quite long so you do have some maneuverability, but it is somewhat limited. Also, this faucet is not practical to use, if you don’t take control of the faucet. This is caused because the overall size of the faucet is large and will move around while in use.
  • Water Pressure – Due to the fact this faucet is meant to be primarily used in hand, the water pressure is low. This can clearly be a problem when washing very dirty dishes, or extensive cleaning. Water pressure translates to how powerful the faucet will spray. It is safe to say this faucet is not very powerful.

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2. Delta 9178-AR-DST Leland Single-Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Delta 9178-AR-DST FaucetThe delta kitchen faucet is a beautiful piece, with all the essential features to go with it. It comes in four different finishes Arctic stainless, chrome, Venetian bronze, and stainless. The faucet is very compact and basic to use making it work well with any kitchen. The design is simple, but also unique which brings a beautifully refined look to the kitchen. The installation is quite easy and intuitive. It’s great because if your switching from a 3-hole faucet to this.

You don’t have to worry about filling the other holes or covering them up because this faucet comes with a dock. No one will remember the holes that used to be there, nor will they notice them being covered up. The sprayer is also the main spout, adding to the simple feel of the faucet. When the sprayer is detached, it can be easily attached back to the faucet, with the magnetics guiding it back into place.

360 Degree ​Rotatable Device

The magnets also ensure that a strong and secure hold is always on the sprayer, which means it won’t become limp over time. The multi-flow faucet allows for a showerhead or stream. Allowing the faucet to tackle most challenges. The spray holes use touch-clean technology, making maintenance a breeze. The faucet is high arced and can rotate a full 360 degrees. The pull-down sprayer has a 20-inch reach, more than enough length to reach every corner of the sink. This allows for maximum maneuverability for the toughest kitchen cleanups.

Delta 9178-AR-DSTDelta faucets use diamond seal technology, making the faucet very durable with up to five million uses. This is obtained by using a valve with a diamond coating to keep the water where it is supposed to be. The faucet weighs around 7 pounds and measures 12 inches tall. It is made from brass material and has a flow rate of 1.8 GPM. The simple design works perfectly with the functionality.

Only one set of controls is used to turn on, off, hot and cold and the sprayer just easily disconnects and reconnects. Everything can be done so seamlessly. The product is very intuitive allowing the user to easily adapt it into their kitchen.

Unfortunately, the plumbing components do not meet the faucet components when regarding quality. The plastic pieces used for the plumbing components are weak and unreliable. If not careful the faucet can cost, you more in repairs for your floors than the faucet itself. This faucet has a very simple design and intuitive functions; however, installation should be done by a trained professional with new parts added where necessary.

  • Diamond Seal Technology – ​​The diamond seal technology is said to last up to five million uses. There are plenty of uses for a home sink. The faucet provides some assurance because you won’t have to worry about leaks. However, if your faucet does leak. the limited lifetime warranty will cover it. The warranty does not cover any water damage, which will be more than the faucet, so always check underneath your sink before it gets too bad.
  • MagnaTite -​​ Magtite is the docking mechanism to attach the sprayer to the faucet. Magnetite docking systems are great because they don’t wear over time. In addition to longevity, is the strength of the bond. Magnets are always easier to work with within practical use. Also, they don’t break nearly as easily as clips or rivets that may collect grime and dirt over time. It even makes cleaning easier because it’s just one solid metal surface.
  • Plumbing Components – The hose that comes with the faucet is below average. A small surge of water or a sudden force cannot break the connection but completely disconnects it causing water to spill out uncontrollably underneath your sink. This will lead to water damage and replacing the hose will be the least of your problems. The weak connector for the hose should be replaced if possible. Unfortunately, this means that the installation process is not as straightforward as advertised. Nonetheless, it is much safer and cheaper, in the long run, to have the plumber install the faucet. Make sure he brings his own connectors and even his own hose, to avoid any disasters months down the road.

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3. Purelux Calla Kitchen Sink Faucet

Purelux Calla Kitchen Sink FaucetThe Purelux faucet is another simple piece, that brings a lot to your kitchen. It comes in a chrome or nickel brush finish and is made with a composite material. This is a single head faucet meaning the sprayer is connected directly to the faucet. It is self-retracting making it suitable for quick uses. In addition to the compact build are several features. The more practical features you can get out of a faucet bring you closer to finding the best kitchen faucets. Pause, stream and spray jet allows for varying water distribution settings for different situations. The installation is also simple and user-friendly. An installation tool is provided, along with a deck just in case you were switching from a 3-hole faucet.

Quick Installation​

​​The installation process is said to be quick and straightforward. The spout is able to rotate at a convenient 360 degrees, giving the faucet another level of versatility. The quick connector hose lets you switch from a fixed faucet to a movable faucet, without any hassle. The ceramic cartridge used is verified to pass 500,000 uses. The faucet weighs around 4 pounds and measures at 8.4″ tall. The hose reach is 20 inches, with a flow rate of 1.8 GPM. When looking for the best kitchen faucets, always take size and measurements into consideration.

Purelux Kitchen Faucet

One thing to keep in mind with the sprayer is, it is not magnetically attached to the faucet. It uses a notch to properly attach to the faucet. This means maintenance is key if you want the sprayer to function correctly. This simple faucet is great because it works just as you imagine it to. Fortunately, it is a great size to fit in most kitchen spaces to not cause splashing or sit awkwardly, adding to the aesthetic look. The tidiness is not only found above the counter with the faucet but also below with little plumbing problems after the initial installation.

  • Sprayer Modes -​​ This affordable faucet offers several features in a small package. It offers 3 different modes, a pause which continually turns the faucet on and off. This mode can be used for food preparation when you don’t want the continuous water pressure to ruin your uncooked meal. Jet is a powerful and more precise mode, which is good for washing very stubborn dirty dishes. The stream is a more casual setting for filling up the sink with water to avoid splashes or moderate dishwashing. All these modes have their own unique uses, but it’s great to have them all in one place.
  • Design – ​​If you’re looking for a faucet that puts a smile on your face every time you use it, this is not the one. Yes, at first you’ll love the look of the faucet, but after some time in your kitchen, the excitement will fade. The faucet is great looking, however, it doesn’t offer a wow factor like the others. If function and price are your goals when looking for a faucet this is a great choice.

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4. Moen 7185ESRS Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

Moen 7185ESRS Pulldown Kitchen FaucetThe Moen Faucet is another pull-down faucet with an elegant look and many features. It comes in three different finishes Spot Resist stainless, Oil rubbed bronze, and chrome. This piece offers a simple style with beautiful accents and finishes which make it more stylish.

Although the design is very appealing. There are various features that are worth noting. The spot resists stainless finish isn’t just named that to sound cool, it actually does what it says. Fingerprints and water spots are resisted making maintenance extremely easy and undemanding. Innovation is at the forefront of this faucet. The motion sensor technology allows you to control the faucet with simple hand gestures.

This is done by using the two sensor locations on the faucet. Not only is the tap extremely easy to use, but it is also very easy to install. Duralock Quick connect is the system used for installation which uses a simple locking mechanism to keep the faucet secure.

The functionality of the tap is stellar using the reflex system. The sprayer hose is retracted and extended smoothly. Convenience is something we all try to achieve, in one way or another. The best kitchen faucets for you should also be the most convenient faucet for you.

Hands-Free System​

​​This product gives a whole new meaning to convenience. The hands-free system gives you the ability to control the flow of water, with hand movements. This makes cleaning much easier. It also helps eliminate the spread of germs. This is especially helpful when handling raw meat, which can produce harmful germs. Unfortunately, the hands-free system is somewhat limited, but the reflex system picks up where the hands-free system lacks. What this means is where the hands-free system doesn’t work well, the reflex system excels.

Moen 7185ESRS Kitchen Faucet

High Water Pressure​

​The hose for the sprayer is an impressive 68″ providing what seems like infinite maneuverability. The hose doesn’t have to be fed back through the faucet or even feed slowly. Instead of once you are done with the hose the reflex system takes control and smoothly retracts the hose. This clearly adds a convenience that other faucets simply don’t have, allowing you to reach such far distances.

The faucet, itself is designed to produce more water pressure. The increased water pressure means that there will be less splashing according to the manufacturer. This is said to remove contents from dirty dishes easier and reduce the amount of residual water in and around the sink. The faucet weighs a light 2.4 ounces and has a height of 26.5″. The flow rate is different from most other faucets at an increased 1.5 GPM. The installation uses the Duralock quick-connect system which allows you to install the sink water lines without the need for tools. In addition to the easy installation, 6 AA batteries are included which power the sensors.​

  • Installation -​​ The Installation process is moderately easy, especially for a person with some construction skills. Click-in connectors are used to connect the existing water lines with the new water lines. These connectors are quite intuitive. The use of simple directions and functions makes the process quite easy. The connectors seem quite solid, but always check them to avoid any water damage.
  • Sensors -​​ The sensors give another great factor of convenience for an already great functioning faucet. Although the sensors are not essential to a faucet. They are one of the features, that you grow to love making it difficult to use any faucet without it. It is a similar feeling to getting a tablet when you already have a laptop. Yes, you have a laptop that can do everything your tablet can. However, the tablet is just a great convenience that ultimately makes your life so much easier. This too can be said for the motion sensors in the faucet. There are two sensors, which have different functions. This is very convenient depending on what you need for your faucet for the moment.
  • Sensor Temperature – ​​When using the sensors for the faucet the temperature cannot be simply changed using the lever. It must be changed using a separate box located under the sink. This can definitely be a hassle when you need varying temperatures. Although the temperature can be set to a lukewarm setting for a basic task. Such as washing hands or food preparation, temperature always needs to be changed using the box underneath the sink.

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5. Moen 7185ORB Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

Moen 7185ORB Pulldown Kitchen FaucetThe Moen One-Handle faucet offers the great function of its motion-sensing brother, without the motion sensors. First and foremost, the design of the faucet is beautiful. This is always an important factor when in search of the best kitchen faucets. The finishes are elegant and the accents are bold, but not too loud. It comes in three different finishes Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Chrome, and spot-resistant stainless.

The bronze faucet offers a very subtle look, whilst still being eye-catching. It is up to preference, but the oil-rubbed bronze is the best kitchen faucet color out of the three. This faucet uses the reflex system for smooth operation when extending the faucet and retracting it. The sprayer moves smoothly when in use, there will be no tugging or pushing when trying to use it.


​​Installation is quite easy, using the Duralock quick connect system. Existing water hoses can be connected directly to the new water hoses, meaning plumbing skills are not necessarily needed. A sprayer hose is also included, measuring at an impressive 68″ (Inches) to make any kind of kitchen sink task hassle-free. Even if the hose is pulled to its total length it will easily retract back into the faucet due to the reflex system. The water pressure combined with the precise stream distribution creates more force from the faucet. This is said to reduce splashing and easier to clean very dirty dishes with.

Moen 7185ORB Kitchen Faucet

Always take the water pressure and height of the faucet into consideration when searching for the best kitchen faucets for you. In addition to the stream mode, there is also a jet mode for heavy-duty cleaning. Both are aerated to make the water flow nicely and consistently. The faucet is easy to keep looking clean and elegant, with the spot resist stainless finish. This comes on all of the different color faucets and works to reduce the number of Water Spots you’ll have to clean.

  • Easy Installation -​​ ​​The installation process is very easy and most capable people can do it. Removing your old faucet will require more work than putting in this new faucet. Installation of this best kitchen faucet requires no extra tools and can be done in under an hour. No one will be able to tell if a professional installed it or if a teenager did, it’s just that simple. This gives customers some piece of mind because they will not have to worry about buying the product, just to spend more money on tools or a professional. The price of installation does not have to be factored in when purchasing this faucet, eliminating one less thing owners have to worry about.
  • Size – ​​The size of this faucet is on the larger side. Measuring at 15.5″ tall it may look out of place in some kitchens, especially older kitchens with smaller sinks. Unfortunately, if this faucet is installed into an area where it is clearly too big or just out of scale with everything else. There will be no elegance just gaudiness. Keep this in mind when looking for the best kitchen faucets, just because it looks good in a picture doesn’t mean it will look good in your kitchen.

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When looking for the best kitchen faucets for you, research is important. However, these faucets offer a wide variety of features, all with moderately easy installation and great functionality. Each faucet listed above is great, with its respectable pros and cons.

When looking for the best value from your faucet, the Purelux Calla Faucet is a great choice. This faucet is priced very competitively and offers most of the functions of the other faucets, while not compromising overall quality. If the design and futuristic functions are your top priority when searching for the best kitchen faucets, you may enjoy some of the other products above, like Moen 7185ESRS. Each faucet is great and would make a great addition to any kitchen.​

Best Kitchen Faucets – Buyer’s Guide of 2021

Easy To Installation

Best Kitchen Faucet Buying GuideWhen the time comes to replace your old one or applying to your newly built home there are you need to care about several factors. One of the main factors is the installation. Ease of installation is important, especially if you’re installing the fixture yourself. If you replacing old faucet to a new one you can do this by hiring industry professionals for this. But it will add some additional costs. We need to consider this if the installation process is complicated or in a tight space. There are faucets that only use one hole, these normally come with the handle and sprout integrated. Two-hole faucets come with the sprout and handle separated. Three-hole faucets come with hot and cold knobs with the faucet in the middle. Four hole faucets have each component separated.


Many things are to be taken into consideration when answering those questions. Size is the easiest way to determine what you have and what you need. If your current sink set-up is short because of lack of headroom, considering a short faucet might be the better option. This is because a taller faucet may look out of place or worse not fit, a beautiful design can’t solve these problems. A deep sink works better with a short faucet to avoid splashing and maximize precision. Shallow sinks are much more versatile. They work well with all the best kitchen faucets and almost exclusively with taller faucets.​​


​In the early stages, most of is not think about the design. They only think about the good performance. But nowadays this is totally different. Home and kitchen are designed with a modern architecture with the art of science technology. With this situation, Best kitchen faucets are also designed to matching with this. When we checking the market there has a wide range of designs. You can select what you want and which are the best fit for your sweet kitchen.

Stainless Product

Faucets are uses to take water. So you need to check if these products are stainless. If not you face trouble after some period of time.

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