Best Tactical Pants Reviewed By Expert In 2021

Best Tactical Pants Reviews

What happens when you want fully functional pants for your needs? Well, look no further than the best tactical pants as the best place for you to start. Choosing the ideal tactical pants means that you should consider a few important factors to achieve the best results. We considered these factors and more when preparing these comprehensive reviews for your needs.

How To Choose The Best Tactical Pants

When choosing the ideal tactical pants, there are various important factors that you must consider. Some of the main ones including:

The Durability Of The Fabric

First and foremost, the best tactical pants should be made using durable fabric for years of unmatched performance. In particular, the tactical pants should comprise of durable material that will is resistant to ripping and is durable to match. The fabric should be durable to withstand most cleaning detergents and washing techniques as well.

The ideal pants also come with material that is washable both by hand and by machine for added user convenience. Tactical pants that are made using materials such as ripstop mesh are perfect for your needs. More so, you might also consider other material types such as canvas, cotton, and synthetic fabrics among many others. Best of all, the material should also provide optimal stain and dirt resistant for your needs.

Comfortability And Flexibility

Additionally, the best tactical pants are also comfortable and flexible to suit your ever-changing needs, especially during outdoor expeditions. However, ensure that the pants are not too comfortable so as to comprise the durability levels for your outdoor needs.

Some of the superior material types for these types of pants include cotton, polyester, nylon and more. To be specific, the ideal pants provide optimal comfortable and flexible. Flexibility means that the pants can accommodate a wide range of motion such that you can maneuver and be agile, without damaging the fabric structure.

Most so, the pants should also be comfortable for use regardless of the weather and duration of use. Therefore, the ideal pants provide a good range of motion, and with causing any compromise on the overall structure of the pants. Some of the high-end tactical pants come with special elastic waistbands. These types of pants can easily accommodate the structure of the user’s body, and without the need for an additional belt.

Color Scheme

The color scheme is important for your unique styling needs. For instance, if you want tactical pants that are perfect for tracking wild game or perhaps for military purposes, then you might opt for the camouflage patterns.

However, if you prefer the tactical pants for casual wear, then you can choose any color that suits your needs. You want to choose a color scheme which suits you are comfortable with and one that matches your day to day needs. For instance, you can opt for the beige, blue, black, combat and compact color schemes.

Climate And Environment

When choosing the ideal survival pants for your outdoor needs, ensure that you consider the environment and climate you will be exposed to the most. To be specific, some pants are designed with thicker fabrics that are suited for insulation, while others suited for areas with immense heat. If you opt for the lighter materials, a good recommendation is to use layering in situations where you require additional insulation.

Cargo Capacity

Just as the name suggests, tactical pants are special types of pants that are designed for carrying tactical cargo. For this reason, ensure that you choose pants that come with a well thought out storage design. The ideal tactical pants comprise of various types of pockets that are perfect for storing your items.

Some of the main ones including the fully- featured pocket design that can accommodate mobile phones, knives, guns and more. The pockets should not only provide optimal cargo capacity, but they should also provide optimal safety and accessibility for your items. This is especially true if you are in the wilderness or a survival situation and you need to be equipped with the appropriate gear.

Brand Manufacturer

Similar to choosing almost any type of product, it’s important that you choose pants that are made by reliable brands. There is a strong relationship between good pants and receiving the best value for your money. Some of the top brands when it comes to tactical pants include Taclite, Helikon, Tru Spec, and many others.

Other considerations

Stitch construction – the ideal pants have durable stitches such as the triple stitch design. This provides longevity and rips ree benefits.

Teflon treatment – this feature helps to ensure the pants look as good as new, even when you move through dusty environments or when you spill liquids on the pants.

Loop structure – the loop structure plays an important role in whether the pants will provide the perfect fit for your needs.

Pocket design – the pockets should be fully functional and dynamic enough to accommodate any of your items. More so, the pockets should be easily accessible to suit your needs.

Section 2

Below, you’ll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

1. 5.11 Men’s Tactical 74273 TacLite Pro Pant

Discover the excellence of the 5.11 Men’s Tactical trouser that is perfect for the wear and with superior material construction to match your performance needs. It comes with a lightweight poly-cotton ripstop fabric and a fully gusseted crotch, that provides a full range of motion. More so, these pants also come with pockets located that allow for easy access to all your gear.

The inclusion of the external knife pocket on the front side provides easy access to the knife. The cargo pockets are placed on both thigs and with a cell phone pocket on the left for quick access. Both these pockets are reinforced using 100% Cordura Nylon.

These trousers are also made using lightweight polyester and a non-fading polycotton ripstop, such that you have functionally and neat pants for your needs. Further lending to the superior design, is the fact these pants have been treated using HT Teflon Wear Resistant Finish for optimal stain resistance.
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  • These pants have pockets located for easy access to all gear.
  • It comes with lightweight poly-cotton fabric and fully gusseted crotch.
  • The inclusion of cargo pockets on both thighs makes it highly convenient.
  • These pants require additional loops or a waistband to achieve the perfect fit.

2. 5.11 Tactical Stryke Pant With Flex-Tac TM

Experience the superior quality of the 5.11 Tactical Stryke Pant that is made using a patented two-way mechanical stretch material, which makes it durable and lightweight at the same time. This provides optimal comfort and performance even in the harshest of weather conditions.

More so, the inclusion of the Teflon fabric treatment does well to protect against the effects of stains and soils to ensure that your pants are looking the best at all times. These pants come with comfort features such as the self-adjusting tunnel waistband, and the fully gusseted crotch.

Additionally, the pants have articulated knees which will prepare you for kneeling, crawling, running and more. It also comes with as many as 12 pockets, including the double-deep cargo pockets for tactical applications. The durability of these Stryke pants is unmatched and with the inclusion of a triple stretch reinforcement and extensive bar tracking design.
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  • These pants come with as many 12 pockets.
  • It also comes with triple-stitch reinforcement and extensive bar tacking.
  • The pants are durable with triple stitch reinforcement.
  • These pants are difficult to wash through handwashing procedures.
  • The pocket design should be improved for easy access.

3. 5.11 Men’s 74251 Tactical Cotton Pant

Change the way in which you experience the outdoors by considering the 5.11 Men’s tactical pants. These pants come with as many as seven pockets, and a unique rear strap and slash pocket design to match. Users will also appreciate the double and triple stretch construction, which ensures years of reliable performance.

More so, the pants also guarantee a superior fit and with a self-adjusting comfort waistband for added benefits. It also comes with genuine YKK Zippers, and Prym snaps for the user’s convenience. These tactical pants are built using tough and comfortable cotton canvas, which comprises of a triple stitch material design. The self-adjusting waistband provides a secure fit when you are on the move, and the double thick seat and knees ensure added protection.

Best of all, it also comes with a seven pocket configuration that provides sufficient space for your tactical gear.
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  • The double and triple stitch construction ensures years of performance.
  • The inclusion of the genuine YKK zippers and Prym snaps to ensure the perfect fit.
  • It also comes with special cotton canvas material and a slash pocket design.
  • The waistband looses after extensive usage.
  • The zippers are prone to damage.

4. Helikon-Tex Outback Line, OTP Tactical Pants Nylon Spandex

Equip yourself with the Helikon Tex Outback Line Tactical pants which have a 4-way elastic fabric, which is both comfortable and slim for an improved range of motion. Besides that, the inclusion of the stretchable waist provides users with an additional 2 inches for enhanced comfort benefits. These pants also come with breathable, lightweight and moisture-wicking materials, which ensure comfort even during prolonged outdoor activities.

Further lending to the superior design of these Helikon Outdoor Pants is that they can be used for casual wear or professional purposes as well. In fact, the pants are available in various color choices to suit your needs. It also has a low-profile design that is combined with stretchable material to ensure the versatility and capabilities required to address the needs of professional users in various settings.

Best of all, the Helikon Tex Outback pants have a patented pocket arrangement that is perfect for carrying your essential equipment in an organized manner. The durable design construction also does well to provide years of unrivaled performance benefits.
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  • The Helikon Tex Tactical pants come with four-way elastic fabric materials.
  • It also has a low profile design combined with stretchable material.
  • The breathable and moisture wicking material ensures added comfort.
  • These pants should come with additional pockets for improved accessibility.
  • The zipper structure should be improved for durability.

5. Tru-Spec Men’s Cotton 24-7 Tactical Pant

Make a good impression with your choices in apparel by considering the Tru Specs Tactical Pant which comprises 100% cotton material. These pants come with a special comfort fit slider waistband construction that reduces the need for gathered elastic or customizable side tabs as well.

More so, the inclusion of 2 cargo pockets with a hook and loop closure and bellowed side gussets, and two internal compartments in both cargo pockets for optimal convenience. Thanks to the inclusion of the durable zippers, you can be sure of convenient access when putting on your pants. The special material design also makes it perfect for both hand washing and machine-washing techniques. Tru spec manufacturers have done well to ensure that these pants are both durable and comfortable at the same time.

Best of all, the pants are also available in various types of colors which ensure years of reliable performance.
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  • These pants come with a special comfort fit waistband.
  • It also comes with bellowed side gussets and two internal pockets.
  • The inclusion of the special hook and loop closure provides the perfect fit.
  • The zips are prone to damage.
  • The pants are prone to dust and staining.


All things considered, there is no space for poor decision making or insufficient improvisation, especially when it comes to choosing the best tactical pants. It’s important that you make informed choices and this means choosing the best pants to suit your needs.

Broadly speaking, the 5.11 Men’s 74251 Tactical Cotton Pant is by far the most outstanding tactical pants in this list, due to its comprehensive design feature set. It comes with special slash design pockets, durable material construction, YKK zippers, and a well ventilated interior design to suit your needs.

Best of all, these pants are also available in several different types of colors and material types for years of unmatched performance. Tactical pants are simple to choose provided that you can make informed decisions and consider the ideal features that you require in your ideal pants.

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