Top 5 Deer Hunting Tips

Tips For Deer Hunting

Going home with a deer after a hunting escapade is one of the most fulfilling feelings. A catch is like a prize to oneself.

Below are great hunting tips to ensure you do not go home empty-handed like your inexperienced friends.

Choose the Right Firearm

Deer hunting requires accuracy. To be accurate, you need a good rifle. If you need information on one, you could check the ar-556 Ruger review. A good rifle not only offers precision but confidence too.

Though so, there is a need for training and mastery in using the rifle. It makes no sense that you wake up after a year without hunting and expect to make a catch. You will need to frequently use it to develop acquaintance with your firearm. Also if you are a long-range shooter, help yourself with Natchez rifle scopes. It’s always good to have good equipment with you when you go on adventures like this!

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Utilize Time to your Advantage

Deer are active at specific times of the day. Most often, the deer is active early in the morning, at dawn, and late in the evening, at dusk.

As the light changes, you will find deer beginning to feed their way off clearings and river flats and moving towards their sleeping spots. These hideouts help them escape the wind, the heat of the day, and animal and human hunters.

These dawn and dusk hours are said to be productive because, at this time, deer often feel safer being out in the open. While hunting, lay focus on bush edges and scrubby basins where the deer will be busy feeding.

The Power of Camouflaging

How your hunting apparel blends into the habitat could help in the outcome of your hunt. Wear something almost similar to your surrounding environment.

However, it is alleged that deer are color blind and therefore you need not worry so much about the choice of color. There is not a specific color that you should wear but it is advisable that you look like the wild. It helps.

Even as you wear, consider also the risk that comes from fellow hunters. Wear something that makes someone holding their sights on you think twice before pulling the trigger. Be safe.

Deer Hunting Tips

Be Quiet

Deer can hear much better than they can see. It is said that they can hear up to a mile away or even farther. They, therefore, rely on their sense of hearing to pick up on incoming predators.

Simple movements such as a crunch of leaves beneath your boots, chatting, or the sound of a gunshot will easily trigger them to run for their dear life.

Timing each of your movements becomes very important. Take everything slowly, especially at the sight of a deer.

Plan each step. In case a deer is feeding unaware of your presence, plan your steps as it lowers its head to feed or faces away from you.

Sometimes, it seems as if the deer can sense something not quite right, and pause for a few moments before any action. Using binoculars could also help plan your steps before you even take them.

Cover Your Fragrance

The wild has its scent. The deer knows that.

Any new scents will trigger the deer away. To avoid this, it is advisable that you shower with a scent-free soap before going out on a hunt. Likewise, wash your clothes with scent-free detergent and ensure they are hung outside to dry.

Avoid car air freshener or gas. You could fuel earlier so you do not contact gas before the hunting escapades.

As a better option, you could use scent killer spray on your clothes and hunting equipment such as hunting packs, guns, bows, and all other hunting kits. These will eliminate any traces of strange scents.

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