Signs That Your Home Needs a Boiler Replacement

Boiler Replacement

Regular servicing and maintenance can keep your boiler going strong up to about 15 years. But, even under the best care, your boiler will eventually wear out. When repairs become regular, it makes more financial sense to replace your boiler with a new one. When your boiler is aging, and you aren’t sure whether to put a replacement, here are some guidelines to let you know how sooner.

Age – Your Boiler is Over 10 Years

Boiler RepairBoilers have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years if they are adequately maintained. If your boiler is above ten years old, it may be time for a replacement. If your system is reaching this age, the cost of repair may outweigh the price of a new unit. Not only do old boilers need maintenance, boiler repair expert fees, and other costs, but also they are overtaken by technology. The old models can’t compare to the latest models on the market in terms of smart control options, safety levels, and efficiency levels.

Your Boiler Doesn’t Earn an ‘A’

Boilers are rated for energy efficiency on a scale of A to G. An ‘A’ rated boiler has an energy efficiency of more than 90 percent and ‘G’ 70 percent. Some boilers don’t make the grade when it comes to energy efficiency. Replacing your boiler with a more energy-efficient model can save you a lot of money.

Increased Frequency of Failures

Every boiler needs regular maintenance, but if every other week there is something that needs to be repaired, then it is a clear indicator that the unit needs a replacement. The money spent on calling a boiler repair expert for same day boiler repair could go towards a new system. When you are regularly fixing issues, consider a new boiler installation.

Discoloration – Yellow Flame Instead of Blue

A healthy boiler should burn with a blue flame. A yellow flame indicates the presence of carbon monoxide. If you see a yellow flame on gas burners, that means the fuel is not burning properly. The boiler should be immediately examined by a gas safe engineer. Carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless, and it’s hard to detect. It’s wise to install carbon monoxide alert detectors as exposure to high levels can be fatal. If you suspect carbon monoxide fumes are escaping from your boiler call a gas safe engineer immediately.


When a boiler starts to leak, it’s nearing the end of its lifespan. Water leakage from your boiler could cause significant damage to other parts of the boiler as well as your home. A leak indicates that a valve or a seal is broken. And, because water leaks can lead to electric short circuits, they should be dealt with immediately. If water is coming out of your boiler, and repairs are proving to be too costly, consider 24-hour boiler repair or new boiler installation.

Uneven Heated Rooms

If your rooms have varying temperatures in the same building, it might be time to replace your boiler. If you notice too hot rooms, too cold rooms while others stay cool, it’s an indication your boiler’s controls are not working properly. And if a boiler repair won’t fix the issue, then the unit is no longer effective. Temperature variations indicate that something is wrong, and you will want to look into buying a new boiler.

Replacement Parts are Hard to Find

The Boiler ReplacementIf your boiler engineer tells you they are finding it difficult to source parts for your boiler, then it is a clear sign that the boiler’s days are numbered. The extra time and effort will definitely add to the cost of maintenance. It’s advisable to do a cost analysis and consider buying a newer model from homewares improvement stores.

Loud Noises from the Boiler/Radiator

You may be used to these noises, but gurgling and banging noises coming from your boiler can signal something is wrong. They are not happy noises, and if ignored, they can lead to damage and breakdown over time. If your radiators or the boiler are making loud hissing or clunking noises, it may be the time to replace the unit.

It Just Doesn’t Get the Job Done

It sounds simple, but if you have to wait for several minutes to feel hot air and you have done the repairs, then what you need is a new boiler. Boilers in good working condition should heat within seconds. If your heating takes ages or the house is never warm enough, or you are always running out of hot water, then it’s time to call an engineer to investigate.

A good heating system is essential to a property’s comfort and something to consider when moving house. Checking out the condition and quality of the boiler in your new home should be firmly on your task list. Having a boiler in good condition can as well help sell house online fast in the future. Keep your home warm by ensuring your boiler is in good operating condition.

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