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Hunting Guide

Over the past few years, hunting has become exquisitely refined. There are now several companies that offer well-planned hunting trips that entice hunters. However, choosing your hunting gear might be quite tricky. Here’s a list of must-have equipment for your next hunt.

Hunting Backpack

Since you’ll need to carry lots of hunting essentials, purchasing a high-quality backpack should be your first priority. Of course, it’s up to you to choose your preferred size and specifications, but the color is a no-brainer.

When going for hunting trips, camouflage backpacks make an excellent option. Most hunters prefer backpacks that don’t have too many pockets as they minimize the space that’s left empty. Ensure that you carry some foodstuff, water, plus shelter in your backpack. However, you shouldn’t carry too much of them- only carry the ones that you need. Limit your supplies to the most essential items.

Rifle Scopes

Most mountain hunting trips are done with the help of rifle scopes. In this case, you ought to include them in your gear list. With the current technological advancements, hunting enthusiasts now have countless options to choose from. Some prefer utilizing a lightweight scope that offers optimal magnification, a custom turret, as well as good range.

Besides, you should know exactly how to zero your rifle scope so as to achieve the best results. Try your best to master the tricks of utilizing these tools so as to enjoy a smooth hunting experience. Explore the hunting location in advance and make the necessary preparations.

Waterproof Gear and Boots

Your hunting trip will definitely involve harsh weather conditions plus extreme temperatures. In addition, you may also encounter lots of precipitation. So, purchasing a pair of waterproof boots and rain gear. Shop around for ‘breathable’ gear that’s both lightweight and easy to carry.

First Aid Kit

However careful you’re accidents do occur. And you ought to be prepared to dress a wound or treat a cut. So, make sure that you carry a first aid kit with you. It should contain bandages, chapsticks, as well as a disinfectant. Don’t forget about items like digestive drugs, pain medication, and cold drugs. Duct tape plus water treatment drops are also a welcome addition.

Other items to carry include extra ammo, binoculars, earplugs, spare batteries, glove, a flashlight, insect repellant, and a 550 cord.
When you’re well-equipped, you’ll be able to make the best out of any particular situation.


When hunting in the woods, you should be able to detect the direction you’re heading to and a compass can really help. While a GPS might seem like a better option, there are circumstances where it can fail. In this case, you can utilize a compass since it will always work perfectly, even in deep valleys, under thick tree covers, as well as other secluded regions where a GPS might fail.

When you are out in the fields, having the right tools to guide your movement makes a great difference. Not only will it guide you towards your prey, but it will also help you stay safe and in touch with your fellow hunters.

Besides, exploring the hunting zone in advance will help you detect different wildlife signs during the hunt. Identify the best locations to install blinds, setup food plots, and plant wildlife feeders.

Hunting Knives

There’s nothing comparable to the adrenaline rush that you experience when hunting a whitetail deer or when you’re just about to pull the trigger. But once you’re done with the hunt and the prey is at your feet, you will need a high-quality knife. This will make it easier for you to skin and field dress the deer. Aside from the small one which you always carry in your pocket, you might need a larger one stored in your backpack.

Fire Starters

This might seem mundane, but it’s really important to carry a set of waterproof matches on your hunting trip. Not only will they help you melt threads on your clothes but you’ll also be checking the wind direction and even start an emergency fire whenever there’s need. Regardless of the situation, fire-starting equipment isn’t something you should forget to carry.

Portable Stove

Honestly speaking, your wife won’t like the idea of packing 2 weeks-worth of sandwiches and snacks. And you won’t also enjoy carrying them either. But since hunting trips tend to last long, you’ll need something to keep you well-nourished. A portable stove is an incredible idea to carry with you, particularly due to the well-nourished lightweight nature. Compressed gas stoves make an excellent choice since they’re packing friendly but if you can’t carry them, go for a multi-fuel stove, which works on gasoline, kerosene, white gas, or diesel.

Trail Camera

Having a trail camera can help you keep track of your prey over long periods of time. Since you can’t follow the animal constantly, the camera will pick up the slack.

Trail cameras typically utilize motion detection to monitor the movement of large animals and generate clear images with important details such as date and time. Since they’re used to track game, they usually feature a sturdy and waterproof design. And this makes them suitable for extended unmanned use in the wild.


Decoys are extremely important. When hunting for turkey or waterfowl, utilizing decoys can be highly beneficial. They’ll help you to fill your bag more often. So, utilize them to their fullest potential.


If you’re planning to go out to the fields to hunt, it’s important to know what to carry. There’s quite a lot that you’ll need, including a compass, portable stove, first aid kit, waterproof boots, rifle scopes, hunting backpack, and some matches. Having the right hunting tools at hand can make a big difference.

With these items, you can comfortably throw yourself into the wild and kick start your hunting journey. Make sure that you don’t leave any of them at home since they all play a significant role in making your hunting successful. You could also seek professional hunting help if you feel that you aren’t yet ready to undertake the journey on your own.

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