How to Adjust Modulation Inside a CB Radio

CB Radio

Are you a movie lover? Did you watch Hollywood movies frequently? Then you may notice some of the old films use CB Radios in the scene. Most of the time, CB radio uses by a police officer, they grab a speaker from their vehicles and inform the other police. Sometimes they use a portable CB Radio attach with their uniform. Have you ever wondered how this CB radio works? In which way the voice is transfer through the communicator, and received a message by others. This process is called modulation.

The modulation used in every electronic and telecommunication device for increasing or clearing the voice and transfer the voice through frequency. This modulation is a process of converting our voice into waves through the transmitter. And turn again into the message and send it to the receiver. The modulation uses various kinds of frequency to transfer the sound into the waves. Either it is the portable CB Radio or the base CB radio. If you want to use the CB Radio, you need to learn the adjustment of modulation inside a CB Radio.

Let us give a tour to show you how you can adjust a Modulation Inside a CB Radio. We will show you the process for a base CB radio. You can also find the portable CB radio tutorial in another article.

Modulation Procedure Inside a CB Radio

CB Radio For Movie LoverFirst of all, you need to open the bottom cover outside the CB radio. You will see that lots of transmitters and wire are available inside a CB Radio. Before adjusting the module, if you look closely outside the box, you will see a white needle is moving when you talk through the speaker with a microphone. This white needle is cover with a glass box. There is also some scale and numbers that show you the channel and frequency. This number actually the work of a modulation.

Modulation also ensures the clarity of the voice and sound. So, if you are not listening or unable to send the message clearly, then you need to adjust the module system. Now come to the point. After opening the cover, check all the wire system is ok or not. You have to be careful while uncovering the CB radio speaker box. Some of the wire may attach with the speaker cover. Lift it up gently and keep the cover next to the radio. Now look for the module port. Module port is also known as AAMC.

If you search on the internet, you will find out that, besides the module point, there will be written some power in white color, such as 4 VR or 5 VR. That’s how you will find out the exact point of the module. The module point varies from model to model. Some model indicates the location with color, where some are point out with metal screws. If you will see a screw inside the box then, using a screwdriver for tightening the screw. Or, if you find any color point, then grab a screwdriver and start to adjust the modulation point. Turn the point into the maximum range to clear the sound. Now you need to be sure that your modulation is adjusted or not. For that, close the cover of the speaker box.

Now check it with the microphone attached to the CB radio. If you look carefully in front of the radio, you will see the movement of the needle is increased from before. If you want to talk with others for a recheck, you can do it. Then, you will be sure about the adjustment of the modulation. If your needle is swinging all the way up to the highest point, it means your modulation is working fine.

Tips for Adjusting the Module

Some helpful tips you may consider to see while adjusting the module.

  • You need to open the cover of the CB radio very carefully
  • When you decide to open the box, please remove the power plug. Or else you can get shocked by the power supply.
  • Know the function of CB radio properly.
  • Different model CB radio have different types of function. Before, opening the radio, you need to check through the internet.
  • Find a radio expert or technician to solve this, if you are unable to adjust the module.
  • Sometimes there is a problem if you increase the modulation power at a maximum rate. Be careful about that.
  • Check with a friend before using it outside the home. Or else you may be unable to send the message on your critical time.
  • Use the branded product.
  • Don’t use cheap products to save some dollars. It will damage your health as the CB radio is using the frequency.

The main purpose of a CB radio is to communicate with others clearly. Most of the time, users of a CB radio are truckers or state officers like the police. They definitely need to hear a clear message. If they get wrong or unclear messages, it will be harmful to them. Like if the truckers get the wrong or unclear information, they can meet the accident or might get the wrong weather update. So, there is a lot of chances of happening bad incidents. Again, if the police do not get the important message at the right time, they will be unable to reach in the place on time. Something bad can happen at those times. So, it is very important to check the whole CB radio before using it. Either it is a portable CB radio or the base type CB radio, you need to fix the problem.

If the problem is about module adjustment, then you follow this article and adjust the modulation system inside the CB radio. In this modern era technology, people use A CB radio out of their hobbies. Because the world is getting updated day by day, the technology also updates its function and reduces or overcome all the problems. So, it is impossible to compete, a CB radio over a mobile phone. But as it is kind of an antique product people buy out of their hobbies, they need to take proper care of it and fix all the problems.

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