Difference Between Rimfire Scope and Centrefire Scope

Rimfire Scope

The difference between Rimfire and centrefire scope and centrefire scope is a prominent factor to know before deciding on them. Riflescopes come in plenty of models and designs. A shooter or a hunter must know the facts that make a scope perfect for his rifle.

Rimfire and centrefire are both very well known scopes in the market. They both possess some options and specifications, which make them unstoppable for some particular purpose. However, there are different from each other in their way. Before deciding which one to pick, it is essential to know what the difference is between them and in what purposes which one is better than another.

Also, there are so many issues that demand critical analysis in terms of choosing one of these two. This precise guide will help you with providing the significant factors you should consider in selecting the best scope for your rifle and also tell you the difference between Rimfire scope and centrefire scope.

A clear overview of a Rimfire scope

How to choose Rimfire ScopeI think at this stage; you are well-acknowledged regarding the necessary parts of scopes. So I am not going to describe the terminology of scopes anymore. Rimfire scopes are very common, and perhaps the most used scopes all over the world. The very first reason for its worldwide domination is its simple and easy control and useful application within a meager price. Rimfire scopes generally do not come in high specifications and plenty of options. In a word, Rimfire scopes are something that you can pick to manage all of your purposes, devoting some toil but with a very modest price.

Rimfire scopes anatomy

Now let us break down the Rimfire scopes part by part so that you can have a clear idea of it. For different applications, different requirements are expected, but not all the scopes are equipped with all the options that give you an advantage in every purpose. Nevertheless, Rimfire scopes are those rare ones that are well-packed with almost all the specifications but in the fullest sense. I know you are confused, thinking about what that means. Well, to remove your confusion, let us study the anatomy of the Rimfire scopes, and then I think you will be able to figure out why I said it is well packed but not in the fullest sense.

Parallax settings:

Parallax stands for the adjustment between the reticle and the target. If the adjustment is not perfect, you will miss the fire for sure. So you must take it into account for having a fruitful outcome. Parallax setting is related to field range and type of reticles. Rimfire scope possesses a very quick parallax adjustment, and it also offers you so many different types of reticles to choose from. Still, you are facilitated with all these within 50 yards, not more than that. Thus it provides you to have your full privilege but within a restricted area.

Eye relief:

Eye relief means the distance a scope can make between your eye and the ocular lens. The more distance you have, the more your eye and eyebrows are safe from the backpressure you have after each fire. For long-range shooting, you have to have proper eye relief. Unfortunately, Rimfire scopes are not capable of making enough distance between your eye and ocular lens you need for long-range shooting, but short-range shooting the length is perfect. Again you have the chances but not in the fullest sense.


Magnification means the power of the lens. The more powerful your lens is, the more magnification you get, and the more magnification you get, the more clear the field of view will be. Rimfire scopes In this scope, provide a modest magnification that is perfect for getting a clear picture of the object within 50-60 yards, but more than that, you better go for another. So again, you have the thing you want but not the way you expect.

Optics and accuracy:

In terms of optics and accuracy, Rimfire scopes have a standard position. Though most of their lenses are made from high-quality plastic, they are capable of ensuring the clear field of you in their fixed field range. Besides the easy and quick parallax setting, the reaching of the target is faster than all other scopes in its level.

Centerfire scopes and their Details

Centerfire scopes, however, are more expensive than Rimfire scopes. I will not say that they are better than the Rimfire scopes because, for some particular applications, Rimfire has no alternatives. But if you do not care about how much you need to pay for having a perfect scope fit for the long-range shooting, then centrefire will be your worthy investment.

Analysis of centrefire scopes:


For long-range shooting, the parallax setting must be perfect. NO matter the reticle is crossfire or mild dot, the adjustment between the object and center of the reticle is expected to be managed as quickly as possible to get the target. Despite a sophisticated parallax setting, centrefire provides you with a perfect adjustment within the 100-150 field range. Once you get used to the environment, you can set it as quickly as you can with the Rimfire scope.


Centerfire scopes come with powerful magnification possessing high-quality glass made optics. It provides a crystal clear picture of view so that you can get the target before it moves a step ahead.

Light transmission:

The light transmission is outstandingly perfect because the ocular lens is high-quality optics and well organized. It also allows you to hunt even in the low light condition.


The adjustable objective AO lens will blow your mind. It is durable and water and fog-resistant. Even in the harsh environment, it provides proper light and a clear field of view.

Eye relief:

As I said earlier, that long-range shooting comparatively produces more backpressure. The more back pressure you have, the more distance you need to keep your eye safe from any unexpected hit. The centrefire scopes possess thick and well-built tubes, and the ocular lens adjusted so correctly that you need not fix your eye with the lens; instead, you can get the object clearly keeping your eyes from a safer distance. This all happens because of the high capacity ocular lens that can transmit the required light; you need to get the object even keeping your eyes a little far from the glass.

Difference between Rimfire scopes and centrefire Scopes

After having an individual overview of these both types of scopes now we can make a fair comparison on these two. By analyzing the Rimfire scope, we realize that it is perfect for the short rage shooting and ideal for the beginners. Apart from this, it is comparatively cost low and possesses almost all the options and specifications an expensive scope does.

On the other hand, centrefire scopes are expensive and perfect for long-range shooting. It is ideal for the hunters having 2-3 years of experience. It comes with high-quality optics and tube, which may make it better than the Rimfire, but in deep Rimfire, scopes also have some advantage in terms of price, easy and straightforward controls, and applications.

Final words

I hope you get a clear idea on both of these rifle scopes and also can get rid of the confusion of which one to pick. I just displayed some factors I personally faced with them and not going to influence your decision because things are exposed now. The choice is yours.

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