Best Hunting Destinations in the World

Hunting may be getting a bad reputation in some parts of the world, but the fact is, it is a skill that requires a lot of discipline and patience, not to mention that thanks to it we’ve been able to survive until the modern ages. Still, in order to be a proper hunter, one needs some prior knowledge and tools that will provide you with the confidence to do what you want.

Best Hunting DestinationsOne of the important aspects of successful hunting is choosing the right destination that will allow you peace and other conditions to hunt successfully. Therefore, here are some of the Best Hunting Destination around the world that you should check out sometime:

1. Alberta, Canada

Canada is known for its wide array of animals, which also makes it a desirable place for hunters. Alberta, the only continental region of Canada besides Saskatchewan, has a lot of hunting thrills to offer, but it is mostly known for ducks and bucks. Since it’s a plain area, it is also logical that its most prominent animals are geese and ducks and some deer species, mainly bucks. Ducks season starts in early September and ends in October, which is a perfect time to go and try to hunt for some birds, as that’s the time they tend to migrate from the Arctic. But, if you plains seem too boring, you can always branch out further north to the Yukon and go looking for some seals and Arctic foxes.

2. Tanzania

If you’re not someone who likes exploring chilly Canada, you can always go to Africa, a continent known for its interesting animals, hot climate and safaris. Tanzania, located in East Africa within the African Great Lakes region is known for its stunning parks and other natural wonders, including various animals such as lions and buffaloes. Aside from these, there are also more exotic species like Sitatunga and Gerenuk, and they’re all very popular among hunters. If you want to have some game hunting fun, you can visit some of the lesser-known national parks that offer a lot of fun, such as Mkomazi Game Reserve and Gombe Stream National Park.

3. Montenegro

This small South-Eastern European country is known for its coastline and mountains all packed in 13.812 km² which makes it worth exploring merely due to its size and wide array of activities that are available. Also, its culture is closely connected to hunting, which is why many people from the region love to come and hunt for Bears, Boars, Foxes, Rabbits, and Ducks. The most popular hunting spots are Skadarsko Jezero, Ulcinj and Mount Durmitor. Also, before you decide to go hunting, make sure to do your research and find hunting gear on this website because going abroad to hunt means you should always be well-prepared and informed mainly if you want to avoid any issues and have some fun.

4. Argentina

This wonderful South American country has so much to offer to anyone who is into outdoor activities. Its hunting industry is quite regulated, but there are a lot of species, some of them being stags, water buffaloes and black antelopes. And if you want to hunt for some local and exotic animals, then you can look for Père David’s deer, since Argentina is the only place where they can be found. And what’s even better, this place has a gorgeous nature for a peaceful and calm atmosphere that is perfect for hunting.


These hunting spots will surely satisfy your appetite for some hunting activities, but remember that, in order to have a great time, you should always follow instructions and respect local rules and legal regulations, as that is the only way to enjoy the whole experience without eventually landing yourself in trouble.

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