10 Best Pocket Knives For Hunting

Best Hunting Knife

Best Knife For HuntingDavid Bowie made a name for himself on the frontier with his famous knife that could hunt, skin, be used in a fight with all in the same knife. Today hunting and being self-reliant again is being on many people’s minds with what is going on the world with the environment that can cut off power for days and an unsettling political climate as well. Camping and living off the land have been made popular on TV with the “Survivor” series and “Man against Wild.” People are learning frontiersman skills that the great trappers, fur traders, and explorers all exemplified. But, to do it right you need a hunting knife.

Today, we have 15 from Amazon that let you hunt, fish, and camp with ease. The best part is they all price at around $50. This means you don’t have to spend $$$ on a hunting knife that you will only need a few time a year or in case the grid drops and you are without services for days and you have to fend for yourself.

Amazon has a wide selection, we’ve picked 15 of the best hunting knives for you, and then you can choose one that fits your particular hunting and camping needs. They are all the right size and some come in pairs that give you an option to which you want to use for a given task such as skinning and dressing of game or general chores around your camp.

Look them over and decide for yourself which of them is the best for you.​

1. Spyderco ParaMilitary 2 G-10 Knife: Bestseller on the market

Spyderco ParaMilitary2 Black G-10 PlainEdge KnifeSpyderco’s ParaMilitary knife is a rework of the company’s large military series. The knife provides many improvements in the design compared to the previous model. In addition, it is more compact in size for easier day-to-day carry. While this tool was designed to be a survival knife, it’s a nice mid-sized best pocket knife for daily use. It comes with an array of useful features that make it a great choice to have whether you are at the office or in the woods.

  • The knife is lightweight
  • It’s made of high-quality steel
  • Has beautiful G10 handles
  • Smooth deployment
  • Offers excellent grip
  • Quite difficult to open
  • Poor ergonomics for the medium-sized hands

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2. Zero Tolerance 0350 Pocket Knife: Best for Most Outdoor activities

Zero Tolerance 0350 Pocket KnifePremium-built by the Zero Tolerance brand in the USA, G-10 is a powerful and versatile knife. It was created durable so as to offer razor-sharp cutting. Thanks to the compact precision blade, this pocket knife is perfect for most outdoor activities. It is also ideal for accurate and delicate cutting or other household tasks. It has a high-performance blade that’s paired together with the textured G-10 scales so as to offer excellent mechanical strength and a secure grip. This tool has a liner locking system that prevents its blade from closing down when in use. The system also offers a secure way of safely folding the knife. With its utility design for conquering any task, 0350 is the perfect tool for any job; anywhere, any time.

  • Made of high-quality S30v steel
  • The Speedsafe feature can be activated through a thumb stud
  • Has a good tight belt clip
  • Size is perfect
  • Difficulties when gripping thumb stud

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3. Buck Knives 110 Folding Hunting Knife: Best For Strength

Buck Knives 110 Folding Hunter KnifeA very popular option, Buck Knives 110 is not just stylish but it’s also an affordable knife that comes with a sharp and versatile blade. The handle is classic and mode of Dymondwood wood-grain. Besides being easy to grip the wood also features polished brass bolsters which makes it aesthetically pleasing to any person. The workable ergonomics, satisfactory blade and beefy construction make this one of the Best Pocket Knives. The model also scores high when it comes to portability.

  • Has razor-sharp blade
  • Comes together with a sheath
  • The manufacturer offers an unmatched warranty
  • Great locking technology
  • A bit heavy
  • Locks modern pocket clip

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4. Spyderco Manix G-10: Best for Sharp blades

Spyderco ParaMilitary2 Black G-10 PlainEdge KnifeIf you love big knives, then Manix 2 XL will certainly suit you. The knife boasts of all qualities of the previous Manix 2 models, but in a large-sized format. The format is ideal for big cutting chores and big hands. Its S30V blades have a full flat grind for strength. This Manix also has a non-reflective Carbon blade coating that comes alongside matching the blackened hardware.

  • Excellent build quality
  • It is easy to open
  • Has high-quality blade material
  • The lock system is very easy to use
  • A bit large

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5. Benchmade 940 Knife: Good for Everyday Carry

Benchmade 940-2 KnifeThis knife has a stunning design and ranks among the most beautiful models on the list. For everyday use the blade is perfectly-sized and the knife’s overall profile is easy to carry and very slender. Continuing their tradition of creating great everyday carry knives, the latest design has combined 3D milled handles and the open backspacer’s design which makes a modern knife. The 940-2 knife has a standard clip with the reversible clip position.

  • Access lock is quite easy to operate
  • Features a gorgeous design
  • Great warranty as well as customer service
  • Very light and super compact
  • G10 is a bit slippery
  • Screws might stick out internally

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6. Benchmade 580 Barrage: Best for versatility

Benchmade Barrage 580 KnifeBenchmade has managed to create a reputable name in the industry thanks to the quality of products that they produce. The Benchmade 580 is no exception and continues their exemplary range of quality everyday-carry knives. This model is somehow similar to the 960 Model. However, this is a much smaller and more compact alternative. Despite having a small size, it doesn’t skimp on ergonomics, functionality, durability or performance. The blade is a beauty whether opened or folded to full length.

  • Features the Tanto-style blades for better slicing and cutting action
  • Made by a renowned brand
  • Adjustable clip adds convenience and safety
  • Solid and sturdy build
  • The reinforced handle might just be too heavy for some

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7. ESEE ESLSP-BRK Laser Strike Knife: Best For Serious Survivalists

ESEE ESLSP-BRK Laser Strike Pocket KnifeThe ESEE Laser Knife is a great display of top-quality craftsmanship. The knife has the ability is to be truly useful in most critical situations. Whereas most knives are dull, its manufacturer ensured that this model exceeds expectations at an affordable price. The knife is made from durable carbon steel and it features a black coating. There’s also a comfortable and sturdy handle at your disposal.

  • Sharp carbon sleet
  • There are flint and tinder included
  • Easy to maintain
  • Sheath included
  • The blade might rust easily

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8. Gerber Bear Grylls Pro Knife: Best for Wilderness Situations

Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro KnifeA survival knife should be easy to use and durable at the same time. It ought to have a very sharp blade that stays open in the locked position which makes this one of the best pocket knives. The knife has quality stainless steel, visible tang construction, an easy-to-use Carbide sharpener, stronger survival whistle, and a black/orange color scheme. The new color is attractive and also makes the knife easily seen on the ground.

  • It’s very durable
  • The blade is sharp
  • Has a complete tang construction
  • This is a very tough knife for handling hard work
  • Quite Difficult to hold

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9. Gerber LMF II Knife: Best For Multi-Purpose Use

Gerber LMF II Survival KnifeWhen you’re on your adventures and you need a multi-purpose tool for your hiking needs and camping, a quality survival knife is what you should get. The Gerber LMF is a good-looking knife that can as well be a shining armor on your trail. Gerber LMF 2 knife has been specially designed by an ex-military man. The knife has been field-tested by real troops meaning it can take z beating and meet your survival needs. The knife is made rugged enough so as to meet all your needs for a knife.

  • Offers a strap cutter and a safety trap
  • Has a relatively wide blade
  • You can attach this knife to the belt
  • It has leg strap for a smooth carry
  • Quite difficult to sharpen

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10. KA1214-BRK Fighting Knife: Best For Marine Life

KA1214-BRK Fighting KnifeIf you need the same features as the ones that Marines require in tactical knives, then your search stops here. The 11.88-inch KA1214-BRK knife is your perfect choice. The stainless steel blade along with a full tang structure creates an ergonomic and almost indestructible knife. Its blade has the razor-sharp partially serrated cutting edge. The blade will guarantee instant death when applied to any wild animal. In addition, the clip point blade features have the non-reflective black finish to reduce friction drag and scratch while still protecting it from rust also.

  • Highest quality blade
  • It has excellent grip
  • This is a non-reflective stealthy model
  • Easy to carry and also open
  • Might be somehow heavy for some users

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11. Custom Handmade Damascus Hunting Knife

Custom Handmade Damascus Hunting KnifeYou get a Damascus style steel hunting knife that is folded over 300 times to give you a hunting knife like no other. The full tang that goes the length of the knife and fine grain wooden handles give you a hunting knife that is made to last and stand up to all hunting conditions you can think of.

​Perkins is embossed on the blade and you might think it is too pretty for real work and that’s where you’d be wrong, as the steel is refined in a multi-step process that gives you a hunting blade that will cut cleanly and dress a deer with the best of them.

The knife comes in its natural unsharpened state so you can bring the blade to your favored angle or sharpen it to the standard 20-angle that is favored by many.

Have that you have a blade that is worthy of you and lets you hunt and camp with confidence as you have one of the best hunting knives around that is versatile and economical as well.

12. Gerber Moment Field Dress Kit I

Gerber Moment Field Dress Kit IGerber is famous for its outdoor hunting knives as well as their tactical and survival knives. You have a pair of knives that combine the best feature for the camper living off the land, the sports hunter, and a person who wants to be able to survive and live in the wilderness without modern comforts.

One knife is a standard hunting knife sharp enough to shave with that is an all-purpose knife that you can use in 1001 ways around the camp and in the bush. The second is made for skinning and gutting of your catch with a sharpened hook on the front back of the blade.

You can take your day’s catch of trout or other game fish to clean and fillet them quickly and efficiently. For deer or even moose, the knives speed the dressing process immensely and make the work a breeze.

Both knives mount in tandem inside a dual knife sheath that has Velcro straps to hold each securely in place until needed.

13. Elk Ridge Hunting Knife Set

Elk Ridge Hunting Knife SetYou start with a twin set of knives that handle both skinning a gutting. You have the tools you need most if you are a hunter camping in the wild or living off the land. Fillet and gut a fish with ease and you have breakfast, lunch, or dinner while enjoying life in camp out under the blue sky.

​The knives are 7 inches and 6.5 inches respectively and you have one that is straight-edged while the other curves and has a sharp gutting hook. You are now able to camp, fish, and hunt with the right pair of knives at your side. That enables you to survive in the wild and help with preparing wild meats, poultry, and fish for smoking, drying, and bringing it back so you can enjoy fruits of your hunting and fishing endeavors at the dinner table.

Camping and Outdoor Survival are made easier with the skills and tools like what Elk Ridge provides you through Amazon.

14. Pro Iron Hunting Knife

Pro Iron Hunting KnifeHere is a drop point knife that folds small and clips to where you want it. It has a built-in cord-cutter and it has a reinforced striking tip that can break the glass so you can get out of a wrecked car or bus. The blade is a nice length at 3 1/4”, which puts in the useful category of small hunting knives. It has a tasteful camo patterning that sets it apart and when closed measures 4 and 3/4″ which means it fits in a side pack, Go Bag, and your backpack.

Having a knife is the one thing that can stand between you and disaster when the chips are down with a knife that is flexible to assume the many roles you need in camping and outdoor survival.

15. Rogue River Tactical Hunting Knife

Rogue River Tactical Hunting KnifeThis an inexpensive camping/emergency knife that has a mini-survival kit in it that includes fishing hooks, a compass, and matches plus a few other items that you might find useful. Many laugh at these combo knives and it is true the blade is made of stainless steel and this means you can’t start a fire using the blade and flint.

​However, the makers wisely replaced the flint with matches instead. The blade is serrated and is long enough to be serviceable. Not the best knife on the market by far. It is still a nice one to have if you want an all-around knife for camping and hunting and you don’t have a lot of cash to burn.

It gets the work done and with its nylon sheath and a blade that wouldn’t rust you have a knife that you can keep in your kayak, canoe, and carry with you in the rain.​

Final Thoughts

Now you can get out in the wild and hunt, fish, and trap like the old French fur traders of the bygone days of the mountain men and frontier greats like Boone, Crockett, and Bowie. You have seen 15 best hunting knives that either in pairs or singly gives you the right blade to handle your hunting, fishing, and camping needs to a T. They are all, economical and get the work in camp you want to be done in style.

So now, all you have to do is click on the knife that catches your eye and fits your hunting needs. From then it is a simple click of the mouse to have the knife you want at your door in a few short days from Amazon. Then you can be out under the sky out in the wild in Nature’s splendor where you can hunt and fish to your heart’s content with a good hunting knife at your side.

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