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Top 5 Portable Charcoal Grills, Best Charcoal Grill Reviews Of 2018

Best Charcoal Grills

If you want to buy the best charcoal grill, you should pay attention to a few things. So the choice depends directly on your requirements and your place, which you have available. In addition, criteria such as handling, cleaning processing, and features must be considered when purchasing. This makes the decision-making process quite complex because the offer is very large. If you do not have the time to do a lot of research, but you still want to make a good purchase decision, our buy recommendation will help you, because in the test we have summarized the Best Charcoal Grills for you.

So we can use the Model Toronto from Tepra. Highly recommend, as the grill is not only very functional and easy to use, but also offers excellent value for money. Alternatively, we also recommend the Grill chef BBQ 11282, because the compactly built grill ensures excellent heat distribution and also convinces with a very good price-performance ratio.

Charcoal Grill Sales Advisor

No other way of grilling can convey the grill feel of a charcoal grill. While gas or electric barbecues are practical, the incomparable smoke flavor is only created when grilling on charcoal. However, if you decide to buy a charcoal grill, you should consider a few things before you just buy the next best offer, which has done well in the price comparison.

You should choose the grill according to your needs. For this, you first have to deal with what the individual grill variants are best at. Also, the size should match the frequency and the amount you want to grill. Finally, there are a number of additional features that can enhance and simplify the barbecue experience.

Best Charcoal Grill 2018

Your Personally Best Charcoal Grill

Various manufacturers have a variety of grill models on offer. In the top 5 of the best charcoal grills in 2018 you can find the test winners from five different categories in terms of design and price structure. Because in addition to the classic grill or barbeque grill, there are a number of other designs that can be significantly better or less suitable than others depending on their intended use.

If you barely grill or it is a unique camping experience, it is not worth buying an expensive device. For this purpose, a simple camping or disposable barbecue is quite sufficient. The higher your claims are, the sooner you should invest in a better model.

A column grill is an open model (also called funnel grill), which works on the principle of a fireplace. Compared to other models, the air supply to these models is guaranteed from the top and bottom. On the one hand, this leads to a quick and good heat development and lets you grill well even with a little charcoal. They are available in different sizes and price ranges, making them suitable for beginners as well as regular barbecue users who want to have a quick and easy barbecue in a small space. Indirect grilling is not possible due to the lack of lid on these models.
Best Barbecue Smokers

If you want to barbecue indirectly, it is worth buying a barbeque. These models are easy to handle, available in different sizes and allow greater flexibility in the preparation of the food, as under the lid high temperatures for indirect cooking can be built. Same kettle grills are also very compact, so they are ideal for barbecues on the balcony.

If you have more space and grill more often, it is worth buying a grill cart. With these models you have plenty of room for the barbecue, so you can grill for many people and you can grill both active and passive. There is also plenty of storage space available.

If you only want to barbecue indirectly, a smoker may be suitable for you, but you are more limited with these models in terms of the preparation.

Size and Effort

If you have limited space available, you should use a small grill model that can be used safely and safely on a small area. Here a cheap charcoal grill can be a good choice, provided it is solid processed. For use on a balcony, the recommendation goes to the ball grill, as the models are stable, are available in small versions and the open fire can be avoided by the lid. In addition, the cleaning and operation are relatively easy and is therefore well suited for occasional barbecue and beginners.

A funnel grill is well worth it for those who want to grill fast and uncomplicated in high heat. As the models often get hotter than kettle grills, be careful when using them on a balcony or close to walls and other items. More expensive and higher-quality funnel grills also offer a large grill surface and often two grills at different heights. Getting the grill ready requires a bit more fine-tuning than the kettle grill, as the air supply has to be added to start up and later taken down to hold the heat for a long time. It can be problematic when it is windy and a lot of coal was filled. The use is therefore somewhat more complicated for bloody beginners.

Elaborate, but still very comfortable is a grill cart. Since it is usually much larger than a ball or funnel grill, the effort is much greater to put it into operation. Also, the models need more coal for firing and the cleaning effort is greater than with smaller compact models. However, a grill car offers excellent opportunities to grill in different ways, quickly and easily adjust the temperature and the distance between rust and coal, to vary the air supply and also to prepare larger quantities.

Additional Equipment

If you are serious about grilling and want to get perfect results, you should pay attention to some features that are not to be missed with a good barbecue. For all models with covers, a well-functioning thermometer should be mentioned here first, so that the temperature inside can be precisely adjusted. Also, a grill is recommended, which is coated accordingly and can be cleaned quickly and easily.

In addition, you should make sure that the distance between rust and coal can be easily and quickly changed so you can adjust the distance of the food to be grilled according to the heal.

Regarding the additional equipment, a grill car offers the best scope, but also requires the most space. A useful feature is also an ash tray, which can be emptied and cleaned easily and quickly. This saves you a lot of effort when cleaning.

Charcoal Grill Test Winner 一 Top 5

Grill fans know the charm of having barbecues outdoors and appreciate the unparalleled taste of meat, fish, vegetables or other grilled food when grilled on charcoal. Depending on space requirements and taste, you can choose between different variants of barbecues. Many testers have tested the most common models from all categories of charcoal grills and scrutinized for functionality and texture. This results in the top 5 list of the best charcoal grills in 2018 from 5 categories, which were ultimately fully convincing.

(1) Tepro Toronto

As the best charcoal grill in the category barbecue carts, the model of Tepro was able to prevail. Due to the size, a grill cart is more suitable for an open garden than for use on a balcony. Above all, the Toronto Grill was able to convince with its excellent functionality and a very good price-performance ratio, because the cheap grill car was sold for less than 100 euros in the test period, offers a grill area of 2 x 41.5 x 27.5 cm and additional area on the upper level. With a total size of 115 x 67 x 107 cm, the grill has a comfortable size and tames with a host of additional features such as a table, bottle opener, hangers and temperature sensor.

The testers particularly liked the variable heat setting by adjusting the carbon compartment by the crank. So the heat on the grate could be easily and easily adjusted and ensured on always perfect grill temperature. For cooking, the lid can be folded down and the four adjustable ventilation openings, the temperature can be well controlled.

The material also withstood the heat well after frequent use, and only the enamel layer on the backside tended to peel some testers off when exposed to a lot of heat for a long time. Tepro also offers a cover to match the grill, so the grill cart can stand outdoors without being damaged or rusted.

The cleaning was also good by the hand because the grates are very easy to remove and clean well. At just under 40 kilograms, the model was always safe on the ground. Overall, the material thickness could have been a bit thicker in some places, because some parts — such as the handle to the flap in front of the coal tray 一 felt a bit shaky, but the bottom line is the price-performance ratio top and the durability is absolutely sufficient for 一 with good care 一 years of grilling pleasure.

The winner among the best charcoal grills of the year 2018 convinced all along by its excellent price-performance ratio. However, the low price also comes with one or the other small weakness, therefore. Whether the purchase pays off for you, you can weigh quickly and easily based on the following comparison.

Features: Since it is a full-fledged grill car, storage compartments, temperature sensor, hood, height-adjustable ember basket, removable grates and a warming rack are available. There is hardly anything more.

Value for money: Priced, the model is on the same level or even cheaper, such as a good brand ball or funnel grill. Due to the very large range of functions, this results in an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

Operation: The operation is very comfortable overall. Since the ember basket can be adjusted in height by means of a crank, you have ideal control over the grilling result.

Cleaning: All relevant parts are removable, through the front opening you have good access and all externally accessible parts can be washed off easily.

Processing: The experience with the charcoal grill has shown that the outer coating can peel off over time, which leads to rusting. A suitable cover can slow down this process.

Structure: The assembly is compared to an egg.

(2) Grill Chef BBQ 11282

The charcoal grill made of stainless steel by Grillchef was able to prevail as the best funnel grill. The construction was quick and easy by hand and the finished grill is solid and safe despite the low weight.

With a grill area of 48 x 46.5 cm it offers enough space for a complete barbecue meal for 6-8 persons and also the height of 95 cm has been found by most testers to be very pleasant to be able to use it while standing comfortably. So it was not uncomfortable for larger people over 1.90m to stand on the grill.

Priced the grill is in the midfield and offers a very good price-performance ratio. Because of the construction of the funnel and the good air supply, the charcoal heats up very quickly and the heat is very easy to distribute perfectly.

As a disadvantage, only the too large minimum distance of the grate was felt by the coal, as this relatively large amount of coal is required for smaller portions to get to the correct temperature.

In the long-term test were weaknesses in the wooden handles and overall, the stainless steel could have been quite a bit thicker. All in all, the grill was convincing on the whole line by its compact design, the good price-performance ratio and the good heat development and distribution. Who is not afraid of more complicated assembly instructions and looking for a small but efficient grill, for the GrillChef BBQ 11282 is the right choice.

The funnel grill of Grillchef is a good charcoal grill that allows you to reach high temperatures. The pros and cons of the model can be found in the following comparison.

Price-performance: The processing of stainless steel in conjunction with the overall low price leads to a good price-performance ratio.

Compactness: Thanks to its compact dimensions, the model is a very good charcoal grill for use on the balcony.

Heat distribution: As already mentioned in the test report, the funnel grill offers a very good heat distribution and also very high temperatures are easily possible due to the good air circulation.

Grate distance: Since the minimum distance between grill grate and coal in comparison to other models is quite high, you need a lot of coal even for little-grilled food.

Assembly: The setup was sometimes quite complicated in the test, but was still well feasible for most testers.

Processing: Weaknesses revealed themselves in the long-term test on the handles made of wood, because these often came off, especially if the grill is permanently outdoors.

(3) Weber 1381704 Master GBS

As the best ball grill, the very expensive model of Weber was able to prevail, because, in contrast to his cheap little brothers of the competitors, he kept perfectly the long-term tests and comes with a very good workmanship. The grill surface of 57cm is neatly sized so that larger portions can be prepared.

Also, the entire cleaning concept has presented in the test by far better than the cheaper competitors. This made it much easier to keep the grill clean and therefore in good condition. Because the main reason for a quick wear of cheap barbecues has been a high degree of contamination and damage and thus rust. This was much less noticeable in Weber’s model, although this model also has its pitfalls in some areas of cleaning.

With just under 20 kilograms total weight. the grill also has a very good stability and also the wheels could survive in the test without damage or signs of wear several barbecue seasons perfectly.

Due to the relatively large diameter of the charcoal grill with the lid should not be used on the balcony, as usually no sufficient distance to all sides can be guaranteed.

If you are looking for a kettle grill that will work reliably for several years, you will not get past the Weber model, even if it is priced 一 objectively 一 very expensive.

The kettle grill from Weber is undoubtedly excellently processed and rightly popular among barbecue fans. Nevertheless, the investment is certainly not worthwhile for everyone. Below is an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the model.

Durability: As the best ball grill, the model was able to prevail in particular because it is very well made and holds accordingly long. With good care can.

Size: With a diameter of 57 centimeters grilling surface larger portions can be easily prepared, so that offers much more space than most kettle grills.

Cleaning: Even if the cleaning is a bit more complicated in some places, the entire cleaning concept was absolutely convincing.

Stability: Due to the solid construction and the weight of about 20 kilograms, the grill is very safe and solid.

Price: In terms of price, the model is at a very high level, so the purchase is worthwhile only for die-hard barbecue fans.

Only conditionally usable on the balcony: Due to the size and the necessary minimum distance to all sides, the grill cannot be used on average balconies.

(4) Landmann Grill Chef

The cheap charcoal grill of Landmann was able to secure the test victory under the column barbecues. He is simple and simple but convinced by a good heat distribution and the compact but sufficiently stable design.

With dimensions of 58x42x84cm, it can also be used on the balcony, even if caution is warranted in terms of heat. Although the model does have some material weaknesses, for example, the handle of the ash box is not fireproof and has started to burn or melt away on some testers, or the handles of the grill are somewhat unwieldy.

Overall, the grill was safe but was in itself due to the design a bit shaky, which is mainly due to the small radius of the column plate. Safety is still guaranteed, there was no risk of tipping.

Nevertheless, the model was able to convince through the simple structure, the very good price-performance ratio and very good grilling results across the board, so that it is worthwhile for those who are looking for a simple, compact solution for occasional grilling to buy the grill.

The column grill of Landmann is simple and very cheap, but he was able to convince in the test. Whether the purchase is worthwhile for you, you can easily weigh when you consider the strengths and weaknesses faced.

Heat development: As already mentioned in the review, the grill offers a very good heat development and therefore also allows sharp and quick searing.

Compact: Thanks to its compact dimensions, it can also be used well on conventional balconies.

Price: The column grill is very cheap so that the purchase is worthwhile especially for occasional grills.

Processing: The material is quite thin and kept simple, so that some weaknesses, such as the handle of the ash box, which can melt away. Also, the handles of the grates are somewhat unwieldy.

Durability: Due to the rather thin materials, the grill does not last as long.

(5) CS Trading BBQ

The best smoker was the combination of CS Trading. The mobile cart has a 73 x 38cm large grill surface, four air vents and many wooden shelves. In addition, another warming rack is installed in the lid.

The device was able to achieve good results in the test both with direct and indirect grilling and smoking and also the heat development was convincing. The testers particularly liked the large range of functions and the very good material processing 一 especially considering the low price. In addition, in contrast to many other 一 often much more expensive 一 models, the grates are chrome-plated, which allows a much easier cleaning. With 110cm width and 55 to 71cm depth, depending on the use of the shelf space you need a lot of space for the grill car.

If enough space is available and you may also want to grill or smoke passively, then the combi grill is the right choice for you. However, the model should not be left in the rain, because it formed rust very quickly.

The smoker from CS Trading is fully equipped and convinced the testers with its good functionality. Below is a brief comparison of strengths and weaknesses.

Functionality: With plenty of storage space, a solid lid, large grill surface, and additional storage space and wheels, the model has a generally good equipment.

Multifunctional: With the smoker, you can grill and smoke both directly and indirectly.

Heat development: He was well and quickly brought to high temperatures and the heat distribution was good.

Price-performance: The good workmanship in connection with the moderate price contribute to an overall very good price-performance ratio.

Bulky: The grill is relatively bulky, so it is not suitable for use on a balcony.

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